Zombie Cows 50

Zombie Cows

Play this crazy version of the classic game Whack-a-Mole! The game contains 7 levels of increasing difficulty. Try to reach score goal to get next level!

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Monster Wants Candy 100

Monster Wants Candy

Sweet little Monster loved eating candy with his girl, but evil King kidnapped her. Help our Monster collect enough candy to get her back!

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Angry Farmer 90

Angry Farmer

Hit at many moles as you can within the given time!

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Carnival Ducks 92

Carnival Ducks

Try your luck and shoot all the bad ducks and fish! Do not hit the peaceful ducks or you’ll lose points!

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Duck Hunter 97

Duck Hunter

Shoot all the ducks on the screen. With only 3 bullets to kill each duck that shows do you have what it takes to kill all of them?

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Whack Em All 95

Whack Em All

You use a hammer to hit the moles, which appear at random, back into their holes.

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Whack a Mouse 80

Whack a Mouse

Whack the mice on the target when they cross over it. Don''t miss any mice, if you miss 3 it''s game over.

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