Mahjong Deluxe 79

Mahjong Deluxe

Mahjong Deluxe is a traditional mahjong game. Enjoy this stylish mahjong game with wooden tiles!

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Pet Party Columns 86

Pet Party Columns

Pet Party Columns is a HTML5 puzzle game The goal of the game is to prevent the filling of the grid as long as possible. The user must direct some three-piece blocks in the grid in order to match 3 or more symbols of the same type. The game ends when blocks fill completely all grid rows.

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The Sorcerer 100

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is inspired from the Zuma game play. Pair 3 marbles of the same color to clear them, with the objective of clearing all the marbles before they get to the end. The game contains 3 different progressive levels.

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Sweet Memory 100

Sweet Memory

Sweety Memory - match all identical cards before time runs out! Click the cards to reveal their picture and then find the matching card in as few moves as possible.

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TicTacToe 91


Tic Tac Toe - enjoy this classic game with the 3×3 scheme and two variant 5×5 and 7×7 where you have to place 4 marks instead of 3. The first to complete a full row wins. The game also contains two game mode:- two player mode (that play locally) - Player vs CPU mode

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City Blocks 75

City Blocks

City Blocks is a HTML5 Game. Stack as many blocks on each other! Get the best score, building the tower in the center of the screen!

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Cake Connect 100

Cake Connect

Put you cake stacking skills to the test in this great level game. The game consists of 50 levels.

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Undermine Save the Sea 80

Undermine Save the Sea

Humans are starting another war and its consequences are affecting other creatures too. They have deployed naval mines across the sea that can be very dangerous for fishes and all other marine animals. So the wise turtle (!) tells you that you have to destroy these mines and get rid of them so sea can be safe again. But you start as a clownfish that is not strong enough. So you have to swim across the sea, dodge mines and gather stars to unlock other stronger fishes in store. There are 6 fishes in total and each have its own unique special ability. In order to complete the game, you have to unlock them in order till you reach the final one (shark) that has the ability to destroy mines. After destroying a certain number of mines with shark, you will finish the game and sea will become safe!

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Poor Zombie 100

Poor Zombie

Help the poor Zombie get to it''s destination, by navigating him through the mass of obstacles, across the 20 levels.

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Candy Match 3 90

Candy Match 3

Candy Match 3 is a fun and simple match 3 game that will have you hooked! The aim of the game is to match and clear the candies before the time runs out.

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Ojello 83


OJELLO is a unique brain and puzzle game in which you need to find the best way to cut a shape to collect the orbs.

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Candy Lines 100

Candy Lines

A fun take on a Jewels / Candy Match game. Put your thinking cap on and strategies your moves.

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Super Cowboy Run 100

Super Cowboy Run

Super Cowboy Run, is a fascinating and beautiful game in which you must collect coins, lives, ammunition and kill monsters, and go as far as possible!

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Gummy Blocks 100

Gummy Blocks

Gummy Blocks is a fun, challenging, mind bending Puzzle Game, similar to the ever popular 1010. It combines games with similar game play to Tetris, Jewels and 3 in a Row games into a single highly addictive puzzle mind game.

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Swift Swipe 100

Swift Swipe

Boxes are falling from the sky and it is your job to get rid of them in time.

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Christmas Match3 93

Christmas Match3

Christmas Match3 is a simple match 3 game, tap screen drag and drop the block get high score.

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Fruit Matching 100

Fruit Matching

Fruit Matching is a HTML5 Matching Game. Play this colored match-3 game with fruit to slice! You have 1 minute of time to collect as many points as possible! 3 Power-ups available: – Bomb: destroy fruits around (you got it if you make a combo 4). – Changing Fruit: destroy all fruit of a kind present in the grid (you got it if you make a combo 5). – Hourglass: Earn some precious seconds.

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Horizontal Jelly 100

Horizontal Jelly

Horizontal Jelly is a HTML5 match game. You match 3 or more Jellies in the same color together in grey line, you will get score.

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Flowers 100


Flowers is a HTML5 Puzzle game. The aim of the game is to connect all matching flowers and cover the entire board!

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Miner Block 100

Miner Block

Miner Block is a HTML5 game. The aim of the game is to get the cart full of gold out of the mine by sliding those filled with rocks out of the way.

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Bingo 81


Bingo! is a HTML5 Gambling Game. Buy your cards, make your bet and enjoy this colored bingo game.

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Traffic 100


Help get the driver to his car, through all the levels, the car is 100 steps away.

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Candy Game 100

Candy Game

If you love Candy Crush games, then you''ll love this one. Click on the candy''s that you wish to clear and score BIG!

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Through 100


Put your eye and hand co-ordination skills to the test with this great strategy skill game. Through will keep you entertained and glued to your screen as you try conquer the puzzles.

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Space Match 100

Space Match

A fun space themed match 3 in a row puzzle game. Drag over all the icons you wish to select to clear them.

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Spice Quest 50

Spice Quest

Spice Quest is a peri peri snack wrap adventure game. A fun and colorful game that runs on all devices!

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Stone Aged 100

Stone Aged

A fun stone age themed side scroller game. Start collecting the coins to reach the top of the leader board.

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Cubies 0


Play this find eye hand co-ordination game. This game will keep you entertained and glued to your screen.

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PinIt 0


A great time waster 5 minute game, this game really puts your eye hand co-ordination to the test.

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Snake Blast 50

Snake Blast

Snake Blast is a modern and super colorful take on the classic 80''s arcade game of Snake. The objective of the game is to get the highest score by avoiding the enemy.

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Candy Rush 90

Candy Rush

Candy Rush is puzzle Match 3 game with colorful and beautiful graphics.

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Jelly Crush Match 100

Jelly Crush Match

Jelly Crush Match is puzzle Match 3 game, collect three or more jelly of the same color.

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Space Box 100

Space Box

Move the Space Box along the wall, collect the coins to score points, while avoiding the obstacles.

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Summer Match 3 100

Summer Match 3

This cool game three in a row, in which you have to put the balls of the same color in a series of three pieces or more to achieve the highest possible score.

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Crazy Match 3 100

Crazy Match 3

Match 3 games are puzzle games you need to match 3 or more.

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Puzzle Block 100

Puzzle Block

Fill the board by dragging different shaped blocks into the correct place to make a single larger shape.

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Bionic Race 96

Bionic Race

Run as fast as you can, avoid the obstacles and collect coins to get the highest score!

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Halloween Match 3 100

Halloween Match 3

Match 3 or more identical blocks with each other in this Halloween themed Match 3 game.

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Christmas Furious 86

Christmas Furious

This year Christmas will be furious! Many balloons invaded the North Pole, and Santa has to run to catch the gifts. But he changed his sleigh, and he is now fast and furious! Help Santa to dodge the balloons and ending with the highest number of gifts. Can you pass all the levels?

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Lucky Christmas 91

Lucky Christmas

Tap spin to play. Pay out table shows winnings. Land on the bonus round to get extra coins!

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Slot Machine Ultimate Soccer 80

Slot Machine Ultimate Soccer

Tap spin to play. Pay out table shows winnings. Land on the bonus round to get extra coins!

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Ultimate Sudoku 83

Ultimate Sudoku

Sudoku is the numbers game everyone is playing! Give your brain a workout using logical deduction. Develop your skills with varying levels of difficulty--Easy, Medium, or Hard. Helpful hints are there for you if you get stuck.

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Tic Tac Node PvP 92

Tic Tac Node PvP

Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe, features live play. Choose from a 3 or 4 grid board, in this classic Noughts and Crosses game.

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Animal Memory Game 85

Animal Memory Game

Memory improvement is part of this memory game, the process can be done with few steps that can be easy and performed effortlessly It is time to test your memory skills! See how many levels you can successfully complete in less time possible. Have fun while building your memory and memorizing skills

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Woblox 75


Put your logic and problem solving skills to work on this puzzle / tile shifter game, Woblox is a fun mobile puzzle game.

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Tetris Cube 100

Tetris Cube

Drop down the falling blocks and complete horizontal lines.

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Plumber Pipe 100

Plumber Pipe

Create a continuous pipe from the tap to the overflow before the water flows.

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Box Tower 100

Box Tower

Stack as many blocks as you can to build the highest tower! Pile the 3D blocks on top of each other as neatly as possible or they will lose size.

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Cockroach Smasher 100

Cockroach Smasher

Kill as many cockroaches as you can in 2 minutes. Don’t let any of them live.

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