Apple Blaster 89

Apple Blaster

Apples is a puzzle HTML5 game. The goal of the game is to clear all the bubbles from the level avoiding any bubble crossing the bottom line - you need 3 bubble of the same color to clear them.

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Easter Breaker 83

Easter Breaker

Easter Breaker - the goal of the game is to clear all the grid, matching two or more symbols of the same type. The user loses a life if a single symbols is clicked.

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Easter Shooter 80

Easter Shooter

Easter Shooter is a classic shooter game. The goal of the game is to clear all the Easter eggs from the level avoiding any egg crossing the bottom line. You need to group at least 3 of the same color to clear them.

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Galactic War 87

Galactic War

Galactic War is a HTML5 arcade game. Your goal is to survive as long as possible, shooting enemy star ships. Use the on screen navigation to navigate your star craft.

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Speed Billiards 75

Speed Billiards

This billiard game is based on speed and your goal is to pocket all balls as soon as possible. There are 15 balls and the game finishes after all balls are pocketed. Your record is based on how many seconds you have spent for pocketing all balls and this will be considered as your final record and you can submit it on leader board.

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Monster Boxes 85

Monster Boxes

Shoot the monsters into the boxes and avoid the various obstacles that are present on each level.

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Duck Shooter 91

Duck Shooter

Duck Shooter is an Arcade HTML5 Game. Move the scope and shot the ducks before they fly away from the screen!

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Great Air Battles 100

Great Air Battles

Great Air Battles, is a fascinating and beautiful game in which you have to collect stars, life, ammunition, missiles, fuel and various improvements and destroy enemy aircraft and fighter!

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Super Cowboy Run 100

Super Cowboy Run

Super Cowboy Run, is a fascinating and beautiful game in which you must collect coins, lives, ammunition and kill monsters, and go as far as possible!

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Zap Aliens 67

Zap Aliens

Zap Aliens is a HTML5 Arcade Game. Tap Aliens and Astronauts to get points and multiplier!

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BrickOut 91


Brickout is a HTML5 Arcade Game. The aim of the game is to destroy all the bricks and collect any falling power-ups to move to the next level.

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Zombie Shooter 100

Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter – a super cool game in which you must kill all the zombies, direct hits of bullets, as well as the rebound! Share what you’re capable of and destroy all the zombies as fast as possible!

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Bandit Hunter 100

Bandit Hunter

The Bandit Hunter is a HTML5 Shooting Game. The city bank is being robbed! Save the city from the evil bandits, shooting only the bad ones and rescuing the hostages!

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Tank Defender 100

Tank Defender

Tank defender – this is a game about the defense of their territories from enemy invaders, in this beautiful game you control a super tank, the main task is to defend your territory as long as possible from enemy planes and bombs as well as collect the boxes of supplies that reset, your military cargo planes. Hold out as long as possible and show that you’re a real tankman!

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Skeet Challenge 82

Skeet Challenge

Skeet challenge is a HTML5 Sport Game. Are you ready to test your aim? Shoot down as many skeet''s as you can and get the highest score!

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Stone Aged 100

Stone Aged

A fun stone age themed side scroller game. Start collecting the coins to reach the top of the leader board.

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Drone Wars 83

Drone Wars

Drone Wars – HTML5 Fighting Game is a great HTML5 Arcade Game. Have fun playing this drone game. As you progress further into the game, the difficulty levels increase, as does the element of fun.

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Duck Shoot 80

Duck Shoot

Duck Shoot is an awesome shooting game based on the amusement parks. You have to hit the ducks and monsters.

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Halloween Bubble Shooter 100

Halloween Bubble Shooter

Halloween Bubble Shooter is a simple match game, shoot in 3 or more balls with same colors, and get high score!

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Space Shoot Arcade 92

Space Shoot Arcade

Space Shoot Arcade is a shooting gallery carnival game, based on the ever popular duck shooter carnival stall games. In this version you have to shoot the aliens in all 4 areas of the stall. Ready, Aim, Fire - Enjoy!

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Tanks Battle Field 100

Tanks Battle Field

“Tanks Battle Field” is unique game featuring the classic “capture the flag” game style, the player starts by creating his own team members by selecting different tanks with different criteria and weapons, then assign a role for each tank to do during the battle, there are a handful of roles you can choose between. The battle is won when any team captures his enemy’s flag and score the winning score.

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Gunmach 100


Gunmach is dynamic top-down shooter game about military drones testing. You have to go through the maximum number of enemy attacks, and pick up all the bonuses and strategically plant bombs to outsmart the enemy.

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Cube Defence 83

Cube Defence

Defend your cube by shooting the red cubes.

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Young Santa 100

Young Santa

Shoot all the presents before time runs out.

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Air War 1941 95

Air War 1941

Air War 1941 is a great World War 2 themed top down shooting game. The enemy have dispatched their star fighter pilots to bomb your bases, scramble to take them out.

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Frogtastic 94


You control a small frog that spits out different coloured balls that destroy other balls whirling around the frog on their way to the center. Make sure the frog spits out enough balls to destroy the balls before they get to the middle.

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Spider Warrior 75

Spider Warrior

Shoot the rhino to stop him! He throws barrels at you so you have to shoot webs to stay alive and protect the bank.

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Battleship War 100

Battleship War

Hit all the ships of your enemy and lead your fleet to victory!

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Spect 100


Fly through space and destroy everything in your path.

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Carnival Ducks 92

Carnival Ducks

Try your luck and shoot all the bad ducks and fish! Do not hit the peaceful ducks or you’ll lose points!

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Speed Ninja 55

Speed Ninja

Play as a ninja who is stopping bombs from hitting him by throwing ninja stars at the bombs.

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Target 75


Shoot the aliens behind cover. Your bullets bounce off the walls to allow you to shoot the aliens behind cover. You have limited shots so aim carefully.

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Alien Hunter 82

Alien Hunter

Alien hunter is an infinite runner game where you play as a brave hunter who must use his guns and special skills such as firestorm, lightning and cold ice to kill any aliens that stand in your way. Collect all the items, power-ups and coins to prove you are the best alien hunter in the world.

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Clan Attack 100

Clan Attack

Destroy the enemy ninja''s by throwing ninja stars at them before they hit you with their stars. you must act fast as the ninja''s are well trained and throw their stars fast.

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Dead City 100

Dead City

Run through the horde with your trusted revolver as you shoot your way to safety and not be attacked by any zombies.

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Forest Warrior 63

Forest Warrior

Protect the forest from the military for as long as you can. The military are well trained and well equipped.

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Combat Field 100

Combat Field

Combat Field is a multiplayer game where the player must survive longer than his opponent from exploding enemy units.

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Knight Shot 79

Knight Shot

Protect the kingdom from evil creatures by pushing them off the edges of the stage. Don''t fall off the edge and die or else you must start over. Collect coins to build a shrine that can help protect your kingdom.

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Tank Wars 96

Tank Wars

Destroy enemy tanks while protecting your home base from them. Pick up power ups to gain an advantage from getting better more powerful tanks to more lives to slowing down enemy tanks. Play solo or have a friend join you on the same device.

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Speed Ball 88

Speed Ball

Play as a basketball player who is stopping bombs from hitting him by throwing basketballs at them.

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Guns and Blocks 83

Guns and Blocks

Shoot the blocks in your way as many times as needed to break it. Power up your ship to get further in the game.

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Swat vs Zombies 96

Swat vs Zombies

You are taking the fight to the horde. With your massive arsenal of weapons available from the shop. You are going to kill thousands of zombies and explore the different levels to try help humanity survive the zombie apocalypse.

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The Office Guy 90

The Office Guy

Help the office guy take revenge against his boss who wanted to kill him. You watched a work partner kill somebody and didn''t agree with it, so your boss wanted you dead as well. You barely escape and have now come back for revenge.

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Ranger vs Zombies 100

Ranger vs Zombies

You are a ranger trying to save the world from a zombie invasion. Kill as many zombies as you can and get as far as possible. Use your abilities to help you survive.

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Airplane Battle 100

Airplane Battle

Battle other planes in the sky by getting behind them and shooting them enough to bring them down. Be careful to not let them behind you as they will also try to shoot you down.

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Cyber Soldier 86

Cyber Soldier

Defeat all the bosses and other robots on each of the fun levels. Collect more ammo when you run out of ammo and more health when your health is low. Each of the levels bosses drop a key that will open the door.

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Duck Hunter 97

Duck Hunter

Shoot all the ducks on the screen. With only 3 bullets to kill each duck that shows do you have what it takes to kill all of them?

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Viking Escape 100

Viking Escape

Fly your dragon through the waves of enemies and kill as many of them as you can. Using different types of weapons to kill different enemies.

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Furious Road 93

Furious Road

Shoot your way through all the enemies to travel a further distance and defeat the boss vehicles. Collect coins by surviving long, killing enemies and traveling a far distance. Use your money to upgrade your weapons in the games shop and deal more damage to your enemies. Avoid getting hit by bullets or driving into obstacles as you will lose health.

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